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Arundo donax
Growing Arundo donax in France is still limited to two relatively small, adjoining sections, which are Var and Alpes Maritimes. However, there are a number of areas outside of France where Arundo donax is grown successfully. There are excellent plantations, not only in Europe (Italy and Spain) but also in Australia, the US, Argentina and China.
Without expressing a quality assessment, it is noticeable that each plantation of cane produces its own characteristics. The most important reasons for this can be attributed to the geographical location, the difference in soil composition and climate conditions, as well as the knowledge and skills of the grower.

Carqueiranne, Var - France

Silvacane is the name of one of the largest Arundo donax plantations in France. Reed is grown and processed by a single company. The plantation has been managed by three generations since Honorat Donatie founded the company in 1932. It can boast a long tradition through the generations.
Famous jazz musicians like Sidney Bechet, Charlie Parker and Jerry Mulligan bought their saxophone reeds here.
Silvacane is working together with the largest clarinet and saxophone reed producers in the world.
Carles Medir.
Palamós, Girona - Spain.

In Palamos in the heart of the Spanish Costa Brava, 100 km north of Barcelona, there are plantations owned by Carles Medir that have been in existence since 1916. In the area around Palamós near the sea and along the shores of the many coves and rivers, Arundo donax is in its element. Carles succeeded in having the company established by his grandparents grow into a sizeable Arundo donax producer.
average hardness Medir cane:
EH 6%, H 37%, MH 18%, M 23%, MS 10%, S 2%, ES 4%
Rigotti, Roseaux du Var
Cogolin, Var - France

In the Provencal town of Cogolin to the golf of Saint-Tropez, is the Rigotti company. Franco Rigotti and his son Daniël have a modern workshop where not only Arundo donax is processed, but also where tools (for making reeds), accessories and tools for wind instruments and polsters are produced.
Rigotti sells his products to companies in Europe, Japan and the United States.
Argendonax, Mendozza
Mendozza valley - Argentina

Also in Argentina Arundo donax flourishes. Especially in the Mendozza valley, which is famous for its excellent wines that are produced there. The Arundo donax that Juan José and his son Juan Pablo Gonzalez have been producing here since the beginning of the '80s is of consistently high quality. Argendonax consists of 5 large plantations and is 54 hectares in size with a yield of 8,000,000 reeds per year. It is the largest Arundo donax producer outside of France. Argendonax supplies all large producers worldwide.
average hardness Argendonax cane:
EH 3%, H 9%, MH 25%, M 35%, MS 22%, S 4%, ES 2%
Marca, Roseaux de la Côte d
Marca et Cie
Ollioules, Var - France

Marca, or: Manufacture d'Anches et de Roseaux de la Côte d'Azur, started producing Arundo donax in 1957.
The plantations are located near the Provencal town Ollioules from the Middle Ages, just to the west of Toulon. Marca mainly produces saxophone and clarinet reeds in its own workshop, but this plantation also supply raw material for producing oboe and bassoon reeds.
average hardness Marca cane:
EH 5%, H 12%, MH 32%, M 21%, MS 16%, S 5%, ES 9%
Marion, Hans Wisse
Marrion Ltd.
Grimaud,Var - France

MARION Ltd. is situated in Grimaud, near Saint-Tropez. It has been cultivating several cane plantations here for many years, and provides cane directly to musicians, retailers and wholesalers. Marion Ltd grows Var canes of the very finest quality, which are highly regarded by top musicians.

Hans Wisse (owner talking about the latest harvest with Marion-owner Julien Charbonnier.